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Did you know the average person has around 12–70 thousands thoughts per day?

Yes, that’s right, there was an article done by the National Science Foundation in 2005 stating, 80% of those thoughts are of negative and 95% is the same thoughts as previous day.

You see when you have something to work on, especially on your mindset, to shift from negative to positive, the first stage is by acknowledging which behaviours and negative thought pattern you need to work on. As you learn to be aware of these behaviours and thought patterns, ask yourself ‘is this thought or behaviour serving me well?’

Whether it’s health, relationship with ourself, finance, family, career or a combination of many.

You have to understand what the challenges are, accept those challenges for what it is, and then start working towards healing.

With no doubt the hardest part is ‘accepting’ and that is because you have been on auto-pilot. 

Your belief system is what you have accumulated through childhood to now, which has created this auto-pilot programme. Without realising, you have been repeating these behaviours and thought patterns that hasn’t and isn’t serving you well. You are self-sabotaging and getting in your own way of achieving any success.

I know this because I was just like you. My mission is to help as many Mums I can go from self-sabotage or self-doubt to self-trust, self-love, self-belief and unshakable confidence in knowing you can be what you want, achieve whatever you want in life and have the inner peace in the chaos of Motherhood, work, family and entrepreneurship.

Question is, are you ready to allow unlimited abundance in your life?

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limitless you

1:1 coaching

This programme is for those who want to work on 1:1 level with Nazma over 3 months.

It is designed to explore every area of your life.  Health, Career, Family, Health, Relationships and other area you want to add on. 

You will look at where you are at now. Where you want to go. Action you need to take and more importantly what is holding you back.  The inner work.

Quantum leap to limitless success - 8 weeks group coaching programme.

A unique method designed by Nazma using her years of research and expertise in the field of Neuroscience and spirituality.

Overlooking your current subconscious belief system. Redefining your beliefs to create the best outcomes in your life.

We will explore all areas of your life, Health, Career, Family, Relationships and any other area you want to add on. From where you are now, to what beliefs are holding you back, to recreating new beliefs to take you where you want to go.

A clear step by step healing process and actions you need to take to create your limitless abundance.

The 8 week course will be an intense subconscious healing process using NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) and Hypnotherapy tools.

You’ll finally learn how to raise conscious awareness of inner dialogues, aka self doubt and create unshakable self confidence to create the life you truly dream of.

Are you ready to unveil the power of your subconscious transformation?

Are you ready to allow limitless abundance?

Lets get started!