about nazma khatun

When I was a little girl, around age 8, I used to dream 2 things.

1. To get married, be the BEST MUM, have an amazing husband and live the ‘happily ever after’ life.

2. To have my own ‘office’ (whatever that used mean to me then) and be rich! For money never to be an issue, to have so much money that I could help everyone in the world who was ‘poor’.

dream no 1

I am married and I am Mum, whether I am the ‘BEST MUM’ or not, I don’t know, but for sure I am the best I can be when my 2 year old son isn’t throwing tantrums for the 100th time (no seriously I am not joking!).

I am a good wife, when I haven’t had a disagreement with my husband because he decided to watch football match no 2.

‘Living happily ever after’? – if such a thing exists, maybe on Social Media, but for sure not in the real life arena! I believe such a thing is misleading to every child who dreams to be a wife and a mum one day and be ‘in love’ even after the honeymoon period, when she is a grown up woman. 

But for sure, where I am in life is that I am blessed. Blessed with finding my authentic self, finding me for who I am through Motherhood and entrepreneurship, and not for what my Dad expects me to be or My mother-in-law or my next door neighbours daughter-in-law. I am the BEST version of me and every day I become even better and better, from the day before through working on myself daily – Mind, body and soul.

As a Bangladeshi, Asian-Muslim girl, who’s parents were divorced at age 4, raised by father’s side of the family, I was always told by my elders ‘You are a girl, most importantly you have no Mum raising you, so always keep your gaze down, and when you are married of one day, you should never raise your voice must obey your in-laws and your husband, otherwise you’ll bring shame to the family’

Only my dreams were slightly different. I used pray to find a husband who would standby me and be my best friend. And exactly that I manifested at age 8.

I learnt a lot more through Motherhood and entrepreneurship than I did my whole life through education system of family upbringing! 

When my first born, my daughter was 4, I discovered I was depressed and had anxiety, so much so I could never let my daughter out of my sight and naturally my daughter picked up those vibes. In addition like me she too was bullied at school from age 5 by a teacher, and age 6-7 by another student in her class (we had great support from school to overcome this as my daughter will always come home and talk to us about the day she had at school) and whilst I was healing my emotional challenges, I was helping her to overcome her anxiety with some of the tools I learnt from my Mentor (who was NLP and Hypnotherapy Certified).

As you most probably realised, I can go on. But I really want you to know me, and not for this ‘About me’ page to  be about ‘Nazma Khatun the Mindset Expert – how successful she is and how she can magically change your life’.

I want you to know me as Nazma Khatun, a Mum who struggled all her childhood and some of adult life in finding her identity, lived as what she thought society would approve of until she found she was living a lie. She struggled through depression and anxiety, she made 1000s of mistake but learnt lessons thought Motherhood and grew to be the best version of herself by working on herself. Through healing, mastering POWER OF THE MIND, educating Neuroscience, Spirituality and applying on herself as well as other Mums, she finally found her ‘thing’ – her purpose AND that is why I want to work with her or sign up for her courses.

Being the BEST MUM

dream no 2

Mindset and strategy

Dream number 2 also seemed untrue, because I was told a girl like me is not worthy of such life.

And for years no matter what job I was in, and how high my salary was, I struggled financially, because deep down I believed in those words ‘who are you Nazma? Remember what they said? You are not worthy! YOU KNOW MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES’.

Today I have my family, because I worked on what I dreamed of, I worked on my marriage, I worked on my relationship with my kids, and still do every day. Money isn’t an issue anymore as both me and my husband do the jobs that we love, that helps transforms other peoples’ lives positively. We never got ‘lucky’, instead we worked on ourselves and still do. We learned to believe ‘we can go pass those struggles, and dreams can come true if we put both MINDSET & strategy together’.


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