Getting rid of your mental clutter

Start getting rid of your mental clutter

Often we get caught up in thoughts that are irrelevant and create a mental clutter making us feel confused and disconnected with ourselves … I’m certainly guilty of that sometimes

It comes with the territory for every one of us amazing women juggling being a mom and a wife while also tackling life’s daily challenges.

So, my dear, take a moment and breathe…Separate the thoughts that are creating clutter and being harmful instead of helpful, nurture the thoughts that bring you happiness, push you forward every day and are helping you create a better life for yourself and your family.

Start being mindful, a little bit more every day, by making a habit to filter your thoughts using this simple question: ‘is this serving me well?’

Another method that helps me stay  in control of my thoughts is Meditation, something I’ve become addicted to. I’ve been slightly inconsistent since becoming a mother of 3 amazing children, and I definitely feel when I’m not consistent with it, as sometimes I can easily go off track.

I definitely believe mindfulness and meditation are some of the best forms of self-care that help you stay positive and stay focused even during hard times.

Do you have a tool you use to have a mental declutter?