My Story

My Story

Let me briefly tell you how I landed to becoming a Mindset Coach for Mums.

I had my daughter in 2010, after having had most traumatic birth experience I suffered Postnatal Depression and sadly I didn’t realise I was suffering PND until my daughter was 4, I mean if someone told me at the time, I most probably would not have taken it very well, I would have taken it as an offense. And that’s the tragic thing, not many mums or dads are aware of it or want to admit to it due to stigma the society has.
According to NHS 1 in 10 women suffer from Postnatal Depression but I am sure the number is much higher. Even my husband at the time was struggling from Depression but thats another subject I’ll cover in one of my blog post, so make sure you check-in often!

May 2018 I had my 2nd child after 6 years of trying, and once again I had a visit from my uninvited friend, Depression. Fortunately this time I was equipped with right tools to overcome those challenging moments we face when faced with PND.

What are these tools? you ask…

So back in 2014 I left a Corporate Office Job because I wanted to do something from home whilst being a mun to my 1 year old daughter, and fortunately I discovered working from home opportunity, so I quit my job and began my first business. It was during that time I did a mindset course to improve my business performance, as the sales dropped after few good months.
The results were astonishing, I mean in 21 days the profound effect it had in my business and my personal life, was shocking and I felt like a total new person. OMG I discovered the magic tool… NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)!!!

Only than I found my mission to help mums, like myself who suffer or suffered from depression, especially Postnatal Depression. I overcome my fears, doubts, limiting beliefs – inevitably things that holds us back from success in anything we desire in life then omg I want to spread this message to mums all over the world!

In 2016 I began my journey as certified professional NLP Practitioner and I have been helping mums like me who have years of limiting beliefs holding back to live a life with inner peace (yes it may sound cliche but trust me, you can live a life just like that, only ‘if’ you want to).

I love personal development, not just using NLP, I also use for myself and my clients, tools from Law Of Attraction and Spiritual Healing. Growing every day, becoming a better version of myself is what I show my client passionately.

Trust me when I say this… once we learn to ‘let go’ of those limiting beliefs, whatever your background is, you can live the life you truly desire. Because we are ALL worthy of love, success and happiness.

How can Nazma Khatun help me? you ask….

If you want to work with me, and find out how we can work together to help you understand your limiting beliefs and overcome them, then contact me for your first FREE 1hr initial assessment call, with no obligation policy.

Are you ready to live your life with inner peace?