Hi Beautiful!

My name is Nazma, I am so happy that you found me!

I am mum of 2 beautiful children, wife of an amazing husband and as a Transformational Mindset Coach. 

I love helping Mums like myself find confidence, clarity and inner peace in the chaos of Montherhood, which brings me so much joy and I truly believe this why I was brought into this earth.

I can assure you that life was not that fulfilling until I landed here.

2013 I found myself in the darkest place of my life. For while, it was like that anyway, only this time I was burntout, from work getting bullied by my boss, then at home my marriage suffering mainly because of financial struggle we have been going through for years that was just never ending. 

Despite all that I ended up leaving my job which was managing most of our expenses but the bullying at work was really effecting my mental health which is why me and my husband decided that my health was priority so I left.


December 2013 I remember sitting on my dining table whilst my daughter was napping, I wondered to myself ‘is this it? This isn’t how I imagined my life to be like… where is my house, and the car and savings? All this years of being on well paid job, how did I end up here? Where did all the savings? Please Allah (for some Universe, Jesus, God), show me a sign to way out of this dark tunnel!


Cut long story short (see my blog post for full history 🙂 ) I came across a MLM opportunity, which at the time I had no idea what MLM was. All I knew I wanted to get out of this misery so I started building my team and making some extra income. It was through this MLM company I did a Mindset course when I discovered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). 

The result this course had on my business was beyond believe but even more shocked from the profound effect it had on myself and my marriage was incredible. It was then I found out I was going through severe Post Natal Depression and Anxiety. 

I had this urge to leave my MLM business and become an NLP Practitioner, so I did,

Rest is history!

This has become my passion to help Mums overcome their challenges using the tools I have gained over the last 4 years, not just NLP, but also Hypnotherapy, LOA and Spiritual Healing.


What I love about what I do is, not only I get to help change many mums life but also their family life and that for me is fully living on purpose.


You cannot imagine how much pain being stuck in the past can cause you. You are blocking the abundance of happiness, wealth and good health, that is of your birth right.

So if you are ready to release these block then come and join my Facebook group where you can find a lot of Free value to heal and find your inner peace