You are worthy of life you dream of!

Hello Beautiful! I am so happy and grateful to have you here!

I am Nazma Khatun

I am mum of 2 beautiful children, a wife and a Mindset Expert and Business Coach.

My true passion is in helping Mums like myself to remove self-sabotaging thought patterns and find confidence, clarity and inner peace in the chaos of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship. 

Life was not always that fulfilling. Back then I was smiling yes, but inside I was in pain, living in the past hurting, blaming others for my unfulfilled life. I was miserable at work, in my marriage and only thing that kept me going was my daughter (I only had one child then).

2013 I left my corporate job because I was bullied (3 times in 3 different bluechip companies, but that’s another story to tell for another ‘rainy day’).

At the time I was devastated but now when I look back I feel so grateful that happened to me then, because, because of those incidents in my life I left my job and ‘took the plunge’ and started my first business in 2014 in selling Health and Nutritional products, and it’s that ‘stepping stone’ that led me to becoming a Mindset Expert and Business Coach in 2016. Since them I have had the pleasure to help 100s of Mums transform their lives.

When you do the inner work, there is a ripple effect of magic happens.

1. Your better version of yourself gives you inner peace and confidence to know anything is possible .

2. Your kids mimic your positive behaviours.

3. People around you feel empowered and influence positively.

4. Not only you heal the future generations but also ones that are gone, through healing and forgiveness.

And because of these transformations  I made it my mission to help Mums like me.

My mission is to help you see how incredibly talented you are and when you open your mind and heart, release those inner critics, belief system that hasn’t and isn’t serving you well, and ‘Mama when you start leading with LOVE’, you can achieve whatever you want in life. Abundance is unlimited, literally!

You are enough!

You are worthy!

You are truly amazingly talented and have all the tools you need.

Let me hold your hands and guide you with what I know. I cannot wait to work with you SOON!

What clients have to say...


I had a coaching session with Nazma today, and it was brilliant! she helped gain clarity on what I need to focus on next, was supportive of my business decisions, and gave wonderful insight and take aways. at the end she led me on a beautiful guided meditation.

I highly recommend Nazma as a Coach, as she empathize and supports while helping you gain insight and clarity

Thank you so much Nazma!!!

Amber Salembier


I was so lucky that I had Nazma Khatun as my mentor and coach back then in 2014 when I started my business as mum of 8 then she lead me all the way from not having confidence to speak to a very confident and opened minded business woman she is so amazing I love her mindset because of her I navigated to get to where i am today in my life I business she is so patient friendly and would do whatever it takes to help you climb the ladder. Am really grateful for your support thank you God bless.

Fatou Kassama-Bayo

Mindset Coach

After having kids I felt like I lost my identity, especially after my 4th child. I once worked as Vice President for a Finance Company and managed a big team of 20, but all that confidence went, because I gave my dedication to being a mother and a wife. I forgot ME. 

I found Nazma in a Mums group in 2018 and something told me I needed her help. She seemed very inspiring and motivating. After my initial free call I knew I was in good hands. 

Nazma helped me see my true-self. Her energy especially the meditation and other tools she used, she really knows how find the core root of areas I needed to work. I am so happy and grateful to have found Nazma, and still am her client. I don’t feel like I am talking to a ‘Coach’, I feel like I am talking to a friend. 

I highly recommend her service!

Mary O'Leary

Mum of 4